Rolls and Cylinder

Other products

DJM it designs and builds rolls and cylinders of large diameter. Thanks to its equipment, also offers turning services and precision grinding for shafts having diameter up to 3 meters and more than 10 meters long. DJM also provides balancing services as well as special treatment and finishing on steel and non ferrous materials.

DJM is able to produce :

- Rolls for paper industry
- Calendar rolls
- Rolls covered in rubber, metal, ceramic, plasma coating
- Printing rolls
- Laminating rolls
- Chill roll
- Heat transfer rolls


DJM has a long experience in rolls and presses manufacturing for paper machines.
Over the years, it has built new breast rolls, couch rolls, pick-up rolls, suction presses, jumbo presses, wire rolls and felts rolls, for wet and dry parts for machines width up to 10.000 mm and speed up to 1.000 m/min.

Thanks to the long experience of the internal staff and the help of CNC machines tools, djm is able to completely overhaul all the cylinders of the paper machine.
Moreover DJM is also equipped with a specialized department that can carry out grinding operations on cylinder surfaces up to 8.000 mm.