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FastStart® - a new generation of slitter rewinders

DJM has designed a new model of slitter rewinders. Through a series of technological innovations in the different phases of the work cycle FastStart guarantees the best quality in the rolls winding and assures:

  • Reduction of idle times among the various cycles of work
  • Energy saving
  • Maximum safety for operators


2016 Burgo Avezzano Revamping

Happy to have participated in this renewal for the Burgo group in collaboration with ANDRITZ


The future of dryer is steel.

Breve studio sui vantaggi dei cilindri essiccatori in acciaio visualizzabile sulla nostra pagina linkedin. Link :

New DJM collaboration with HAMBURGHER group

De Iuliis rebuilt the HAMBURGHER Group Rewinder at Corlu mill, Turkey. The customer has recognized in De Iuliis the right partner to provide the best technology and assistance in rewinder process. In august 2019 the DJM intervened in Turkey, for Hamburgher group to make a modify of their existent rewinding machine. The project was finalized to increase the maximum rollable diameter up to 1800 mm, compared to the current 1500 mm of the existing machine. After an initial survey, De Iuliis proposed a “turnkey” project to make this modify run. DJM made the engineering of the modification, produced all the necessary components, and then with his service specialists provided supervision, commissioning, start up assistance to the paper mill. The project, realized in a record time (only 4 days instead of the 5 planned, working in several consecutive shifts) allowed to reach a final rewinding diameter of 1800 mm with speeds up to 2000 m / min and improving what was the finished profile of the reel, obtaining wide customer satisfaction for the work done by DJM.

Modification of RAIPAPER press section

De Iuliis C&A has completed a new order for the RAIPAPER paper mill in Isola del Liri. The aim of the modification was the reconstruction of the upper structures of the press section, which was consumed by the time. The new structure including felt rounds and stretchers and gangways, made of stainless steel, has been designed specifically to allow future improvements to the machine. The structures were entirely built in the DJM workshops, where they were pre-assembled to be viewed by the customer before being shipped for final assembly in the paper mill.

La De Iuliis tra le aziende ultracinquantenni del salernitano

La De Iuliis Carlo&Alfonso; tra le aziende ultracinquantenni della provincia di Salerno. Quest'anno la DJM, con i suoi oltre 60 anni di attività, è stata inserita nell'edizione fotografica creata da Confindustria Salerno per festeggiare il suo centenario. Nel 1950 l'Ingegner Alfonso De Iuliis, con l'aiuto del fratello, fonda a Minori un officina a sostegno dell'antica tradizione cartaria amalfitana. Distrutta dall'alluvione del 1954, la De Iuliis C&A si trasferisce nel 1960 a Cava de' Tirreni in un moderno stabilimento, ampliato poi nel tempo. Nel corso degli anni , con lo sviluppo del know-how del settore, l'impresa diventa un punto di riferimento, specie nell'area mediterranea e medio-orientale, per la progettazione, realizzazione e modifica di macchinari per la fabbricazione della carta, forte sopratutto di un proprio apparato produttivo dotato di moderne macchine a controllo numerico. Dal 1983 sviluppa una seconda linea di business incentrata sull'innovativa produzione di cilindri per stampe flexografiche, conquistando una posizione di leadership a livello nazionale ed internazionale


we hereby inform you that DE IULIIS C. & A S.p.A. it is regularly open, in compliance with the latest Prime Ministerial Decree dated March 22, 2020, as it operates in the "PAPER INDUSTRY MACHINERY MANUFACTURE - ATECO code 289500". In addition, our company is following all the directives of the Authorities by implementing all the appropriate containment measures regarding the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19). 90% of our staff are regularly at work and the remaining 10% are operating in "smart working" mode and are fully operational, from Monday to Friday, with office hours 7:00 - 15:00 and loading / unloading goods time 7:00 - 14:00. We thank you for your kind attention, remain available and send our best regards.

New collaboration with SAPPI

DJM will supply a new Suction Roll for an italian paper mill belonging to SAPPI group. The supply will help the improvement of the paper production, by replacing the old forniture with a last technology suction roll. This will be the 4th suction roll in production for the year 2020, proving the competitiveness and knowledgeof DJM on this critical element of the paper machine. DJM will supply a new suction cylinder for Carmignano paper mill belonging to the SAPPI group. The plant produces up to 100,000 tons of paper and employs 230 people, and produces special coated papers in the packaging sector, in the food and non-food sector, in the beverage and oil label sector and as support material for the manufacture of release liner. The supply will contribute to improve the paper production, through the introduction of a suction cylinder updated with the latest technologies. This will be the fourth suction roller in production for the year 2020, demonstrating DJM's competitiveness and knowledge of this critical element of the paper machine.

New CNC horizontal lathe

We are proud to present our new CNC horizontal lathe machine. It was a real challenge to make it true and thanks to everybody’s effort during this unpredictable year the machine is now fully operative in our workshop. The great investment of De Iuliis in this new TACCHI machine ( the little sister of our existent D3000 X 10.000 mm ) allow us to work more efficiently on roll and rotors up to D1200 mm and 8000 length, improving DJM competiviness in this kind of roll production. We are ready and eager to try his limit.

Underway Press section modify for Cartiere di Trevi

De iuliis is carrying out the press section modify for Cartiere di Trevi, in order to reach better paper properties and machine runnability. The turnkeys order include new press structure and roll, a new couch roll, vacuum modify and engineering of the whole supply. Moving for better quality paper.


Cartiere di Trevi choose De Iuliis for the supply of a new high technology DJM FAST-UNLOADING POPE winder. The new pope reel of the FU series allows the automated unloading of paper rolls on the ground or on transport shuttles, to optimize and speed up the internal logistics of the paper mill and automating all the processes. This order, after the press rebuilt carried at the end of 2020 confirms De Iuliis strong position as a long-term partner for the paper industry and his leadership in paper machine upgrade and rebuilds. The collaboration of De Iuliis has been going on for several decades with CARTIERE DI TREVI, a paper mill with a long tradition, run by a young, highly dynamic management team, with a great propensity for technical and technological innovation. The existing production line that produces board with a basis weight up to 600 gms, a working width of 2,500 mm, and a design speed of 600 m/min for production of colored paper and board made using 100% waste paper as raw material. De Iuliis will install the new DJM FU POPE winder, that will bring the maximum jumbo roll from 1500 mm to 2350mm, with a great increase of production. The aim is to the speed up the roll change with the minimum operator intervention, increasing the safety and the easiness of the operations. This next generation winder will be fully integrated with the paper mill logistic, with the automatic unload of the jumbo roll to wireless electric AGV , also part of De Iuliis supply, that will autonomously transport the jumbo rolls to the re-winder department The new De Iuliis system will interface with the current DCS system of the paper mill, providing a full integration with the logistic and the production, in 4.0 vision. The Turnkey project will include the pope winder, spools, AGV transport system, as well as the modification of the existing De Iuliis unloader in order to accept the bigger jumbo rolls, commissioning and start-up assistance. The job is underway while commissioning is scheduled for the middle 2021.

De Iuliis press rebuilt project for Cartiere di Trevi

It’s going on the long and fruitful collaboration between Cartiere di Trevi, a paper mill with a long history and tradition, specialized in high quality cardboard products, and De Iuliis C.& A., manufacturer of machines and systems for the paper industry that has been operating in the sector for more than 66 years, with a very loyal clientele, both Italian and foreign. Cartiere di Trevi works paper basis weight from 140 up to 600 gsm, with working width of 2,300 mm and design speed of 600 m/min for the production of paper for corrugating, honeycomb paper, recycled medium colored paper and coreboard made using 100% waste paper as raw material, in a perfect circular economy system. His young and active management has made in these years several investments in order to achieve better paper quality and higher production capacity. In the fourth quarter of 2020, De Iuliis carried out a press section rebuilt to overcome previous production limits. De Iuliis design goal had to be the paper width increasing at the pope reel, improving the paper mechanical characteristics and the paper machine runnability, with contractual guarantee on the dryness increasing. A re-design of the press section was made, in order to fit wider press rolls in the narrow space of the existing machine, modifying the rolls positioning and arrangement to optimize the spaces according to the modern concepts. The open draw between the presses has been shortened, to reduce the stress of the paper before the press to generate beneficial effects on mechanical paper characteristics and to have a better runnability of the complete paper machine. Great importance has been given to the choice of specific covers for the new press rolls. After a long and extensive analysis based on the specific Cartiera di Trevi production range, the best ones have been identified and applied. The result was an improvement of the press section Nip with an enlargement of the paper width and a further important qualitative and economical advantage because the higher dryness after the press section. The fourdrinier wire geometry has been also modified with the aim to introduce a new vacuum cylinder which now guarantees higher water removal in the wire section with improvement of dryness before press section and paper machine runnability. Last, but not least, a higher bulk has been achieved. The compaction of the sheet causes a reduction of its thickness; the ratio between thickness and grammage of the sheet, called bulk, is an important characteristic for both printing papers and boards, because with the same grammage, a thicker sheet has greater rigidity and, therefore, better mechanical characteristics. The bulk increasing is one of the most important goal for every paper mill to be achieved, The modernization of the paper machine was a total turn-key project, also included the engineering and the supply of the vacuum system related to the wire and press section modification, complete with erection assistance, commissioning and start-up. Paper Mill manager, Mr. Franco Graziosi, shares his views on the results obtained in collaboration with De Iuliis. Why did you choose De Iuliis for this work? De Iuliis has been assisting us for many years not only as a supplier of plants and machinery, but as an indispensable partner to support above all the search for engineering solutions to improve the performance of our plants. In this case, it seemed natural to us to trust the project which, 7 months after its start-up, has beaten the expected targets by far. What have you achieved with this rebuilt? We expected improvements in dryness exiting the first dryer, an optimization of the manufacturing at higher weights with a better profile and in particular the control of the drainage on the nip. The results have been satisfactory from day one and the characteristics of the paper have also improved. How would you describe your cooperation with de Iuliis? We are very satisfied about the results just reached after this modification and, to confirm this, the end of the continuous machine line (winder-pope) is already being updated by the end of the year. In light of the last and already scheduled projects and what was stated by the Mr. Franco Graziosi we are reasonably confident that the relationship between our two companies will continue and improve over the next few years with great benefit to both businesses

JUMBO Press reamping - Cartiera di Tivoli

De Iuliis (DJM) make successful re-build of Jumbo Roll Press, ensuring safety and performance DJM recently undertook the rebuild of the Jumbo Press at Industria Cartaria di Tivoli paper mill. The project was entirely managed by De Iuliis: from design to construction including assembly assistance and start-up support in order to guarantee the results demanded by the customer. After an initial DJM audit, the old press was found to be precarious from a safety viewpoint and performance well below that desired by the customer. Consequently, a re-design was carried out and the new press was manufactured and pre-erected to facilitate fast installation during the very short maintenance stop. The erection in the papermill was assisted by a DJM engineer, right through to the successful start of paper production, thus ensuring the ideal result for the customer.

De Iuliis and Favini: PM 3 dryer section revamping

DJM will carry out the dryer section revamping for Rossano Veneto plant of Favini Group. The supply of several DJM Dryers to replace the existing cast iron cans will boost the drying capacity of the paper machine, helping the energy saving. The custom sized DJM steel dryers, complete with new bearings housing, will allows an easy replacement of the old cylinders maintaining the same overall dimensions of the existing ones, keeping the same total face length, but allowing an enlargement of the drying width. The project will be completed in 2023. The DJM steel dryers are an energy saving solution, which guarantee higher performances than cast iron cylinders, and thanks to their customized design, they can be easily introduced in every existing paper machine without a complete replacement of the entire drying section. About Favini Favini is worldwide leader in the design and production of textures and finishing solutions for eco-leather for fashion, luxury, design, IT and technical sportswear sectors. Favini is also a leading global producer of graphics specialties – natural fibers-based (cellulose, algae, fruits and nuts) – for the packaging of luxury and fashion industries. It also operates in the converting products industry sector that includes activities related to the creation and production of stationery for school, leisure and office, for high-end market.

New DJM Investments

DJM is pleased to announce the purchase of a new FPT milling machine. The new hight technology machine, 8 meters long workable table and fully integrated with CAD/CAM system will be part of the 2022 investment plan of 2 million, aimed at expanding the production capacity of the plant, in order to offer its customers high quality products completely homede. The investment plan, will also include a new 8 meters long CEMB balancing machine, in order to expand the roll production range for papermill and other sector.

RAIPAPER PM1 modernization

Finally, we start the pre-erection of RAIPAPER PM1 modernization! The new complete fourdrinier and the new combi press section are in erection in our workshop. The project involves the wet end in cantilever, with a new couch roll and drive roll, a complete revamping of the press section, with the introduction of latest generation De Iuliis Combi Press with new stabilizer boxes for easy sheet transfer. It has been designed to maximize the water removal, effectively transferring the web from the forming section to the dry part and to increase the quality of the paper sheet. The project will be completed with the increasing of dryer section capacity using new additional dryers, with related hood modification. The complete turn-key project will be entirely managed by De Iuliis, from the design to the mechanical parts supply, to the assembly, until the start-up and commissioning. The electrical supply of the project will be carried out by Elettronica Lucense in strictly cooperation with De Iuliis itself. Elettronica Lucense S.R.L. will supply the electrical design, software design and the necessary material ( on board machine system, motors, electrical cabinets and control desk ), in addition to the on-site activities of installation, Start-up, and Commissioning. Raipaper s.r.l. is currently a leader in food paper production, processing, converting and marketing and, more precisely, the only company in the industry, at European level, which is structured into two distinguished related sectors: the paper mill assigned to the recycling and the production of paper and the converting plant assigned to the duplex, the printing and the processing of the reels produced in the paper mill. The historical cooperation between De Iuliis and Raipaper realities has always been an opportunity for professional and personal growth. Over the years, De Iuliis team has worked with a number of projects all over the world and has brought in technical and economical know-how for investors’ benefit to make the project profitable. De Iuliis assigns a dedicated project team to each project and establishes common targets together with customer. This guarantees that both the responsibilities and the processes are completely clear. In every project, big or small, De Iuliis will support customers with its expertise in project management, with standardized and systematic approach. We don’t just built machines: we share goals and deliver success.