Pope reelers


The pope reelers of the AR series have been devised to roll every type of paper and to meet all the client’s requirements with original and efficient solutions.
Depending on the version, the machine is equipped with a spools rack with gravity or hydraulic feed and with controlled braking of the reel. Completely automatic roll change is possible on this version.
A roll transfer rack can be combined to the roller. This allows for the movement of both full and empty reels without the use of a bridge crane.

Technical Datasheet


Centre winding group can be added to the rollers of the AR series for the correct winding of very light paper (less than 50 gr/m2). These operate directly on the spools guaranteeing even tension on the bobbin and eliminating the problem of the paper slipping.
Grooving the surface of the cooling cylinders means coated and siliconed paper can be wound.
It is possible to install a conveying cutting module to automate roll change.
Research has been carried out on safety and protection for the prevention of accidents in accordance with current machine regulations. For this reason, the AR series carries the “CE” mark.
A PLC with its own personalized software manages the reels in terms of diameter or metres of paper wound. All information regarding the winding reels, the alarms, safety and the diagnostics of every component of the machine is supplied on the software.

Technical specifications

Maximum diameter of reels: 3000 mm
Maximum working speed: 1200 m/min
Loading of winding roll: automatically from rack
Structure: electrowelded steel tubes
Operation: pneumatic and/or hydraulic
Control: by means of PLC and specific software
Reel halt: with toggle brakes and decelerators
Reel unloaded: by means of a bridge crane or continuous conveying to the rewinding department
Safety: protection grids and personnel sensors