The RR Regulator series, in the different technical solutions, is designed to be used in all sections of the paper machine when it is necessary to control the side sliding of wires and felts.
The production of this equipment has been designed with the aim of optimizing the production process: each single regulator is studied and positioned to maximize the efficiency of the system.
With this in mind, a complete range of machines which takes into account all the fundamental parameters has been designed.
The following points have been taken into consideration:

- the position of application in the paper machine
- the choice of the best material
- the width of the paper machine.


The De Iuliis regulators can be symmetrical or asymmetrical (to allow assembly of the doctor on the regulation roll), in stainless steel (fourdrinier machines or press section) or in carbon steel (dry ends). The latter can be of standard type (for temperatures ip to 110° C) and for high temperatures (up to 150°C).
For any piece of equipment it is possible to insert a mechanical misalignment device of the regulator roll which, by means of a screw-jack, also gives a measurement of the fixed roll misalignment.
The misalignment device can be installed separately, from the tender side, or integrated into the regulator, making up a whole piece; in the latter case it clearly offers an advantage to have the pneumatic actuator on the tender side, thereby simplifying maintenance.
The misalignment regulation can be manual or motorized and the measure of the misalignment can be visual or by remote control for the sections of the machine which are not easily accessible.
De Iuliis produces two different sizes for each type of regulator:

- for rolls width up to 3.5m
- for rolls width from 3.5m to 6m